Sylvie Potier,
Master of mosaic

Sylvie Potier is an artist in mosaic from Toulouse, born in 1962. Having studied at the Toulouse Art School, in 1985 she ventured into the world of theatre, creating costumes and stage sets for numerous dance companies and theatrical troupes. She progressed to store decorator for high profile maisons de prestige, working for famous brands like Hermès, Guerlain, and Guy Laroche in Toulouse. It was whilst engaged by these prestigious firms that she discovered mosaic art.

Her skill set:

  • Unique bespoke pieces
  • Furniture, art deco style or glass marquetry
  • Interior decoration projects, mosaic laid on mesh with installation instructions provided, shipped within France or abroad (mural, frieze, floor areas)
  • Restoration of 19th and 20th century mosaic floors
  • Reproduction of antique mosaics
  • Joint productions of modern work with other artists
  • Public sector commissions 

This rapidly became her favoured medium, and after detailed study of mosaic history and origins she was soon reproducing antique pieces, and perfecting the skill of cutting and laying tesserae. Thereafter, antiquity and mythology would remain a source of inspiration.
Over the succeeding years her growing reputation, and her mastery of musival techniques, led her to create mosaïc work of all kinds, both in her own workshop and throughout France and abroad.
In 2002, with nearly 20 years of experience, she began to deploy her expertise in professional training.
Not only transferring skills, she continually strives to realise the dreams of her students, each creating their own unique mosaic pieces.
With the research and creativity devoted to each creation she continues to establish her renown within the field of mosaic art.
Sylvie Potier’s art constantly experiments with new developments and forms; her creative innovation leads to her works being exhibited nationwide. With the status of Artisan en Métiers d’Art, Sylvie is a member of the prestigious Institut National des Métiers d’Art. (INMA)
As an artisan of French cultural heritage, Sylvie has worked on restoring the mosaic floors and paving of monuments all over France, including Palais Niel in Toulouse; Jardin d’Hiver in the Ardennes; Château de Valmirande in Montréjeau; Plaza Hotel Biarritz…
The inspiration for her latest work comes from ancient China : mural jewellery in the form of a Bi disc symbolising the celestial universe. Self-produced terracotta is combined with salvaged material to produce a variety of original and imaginative objets d’art. These works may be based around a single colour, or formed from unusual and original elements.